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Spare wheel

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I have been offered a brand new wheel and tyre as a friend has sold his 2004 vauxhall vectra. It's a space saver wheel which is fitted with a 115-70-16 tyre. Will I be able to use this for a spare for my antara ???
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Vauxhall antara =
PCDCenter boreOffsetMounting
5x11570.340Nut/Lug 12 x 1,50

Vauxhall vectra =
Vectra 5 Stud92 to 025×11035 to 4565.1

So basically no the pcd ( pitch circle diameter= the distance between the wheel studs ) is 5mm smaller you won't be able to get the wheel over the studs . There are several threads already telling you which combination of hub and tyre you need .
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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