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Soon to be an Antara driver :)

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Hey everyone,
I'm getting Antara this summer, as my brother passes his driving test and I'm giving away my little 1.2 Corsa '12 LE to him. It's 2.2 CDTi '12 front wheel drive not sure about the trim if its Diamond or Exclusive. Hopefully I will become an active member of this forum as well
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Hi and welcome.
Welcome to the forum.
Hi and welcome
Thank you for your warm welcome :)
The car is sitting at the front of my house and I cant wait to start driving it :D. Started reading through the posts here few days back and already ordered cruise control stalk. Wonder is VX would activate BC if you ask them nicely :D since the car is due back for recall tomorrow I will try to ask them if they can do it, might be lucky and they will :)
Finally got insured today and was driving about for a good 5 hours :D Oh love the sweet sound of the turbo diesel engine :) Absolutely love the car :D
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Welcome to the club. I bet you are counting them when they pass you on the road.
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