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Solar panels

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Well had my solar panels fitted six months now and starting to see some very good returns.Best return of 3.4kw so far so very happy as max possible would be the 4kw and system on a hipped roof so on 3 sides as well. My forecast return on investment is 8 years. But i do like seeing all electrical appliances on and meter not moving :). Next step will be when boiler dies new boiler and some solar water heater panels fitted as well
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We have solar water heater panels, they were fitted when the house was bought. Back then (4-5 years ago) it was for free with the house since government did a lot of grants on them. Any ways to be honest its very good, with boiler A efficiency rating we hardly ever heat up the water since most of the time its hot in the morning. As if fitting them I would say 10/10 would recommend, most of people would say that in NI there is not enough sun to make them work, but believe me in the morning they make enough hot water to allow 4 people to shower and there is still more left.
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Honeymonster we are just past the first year of having the panels, total cost was £10,000, we reckon we have had including power used abt. £1000 in the first year. Shortly after fitting we were discussing the fact we had no water heating panel and were discussing getting one but it was pricey as an after fit. We got a letter from the contracter who fitted panes offering a device, which automatically sends any power not being used to the hot water, we reckon it will pay back very quickly, water heat is better to. It cost £456. Worth every penny and that`a a Scotsman talking. I think it ws called an i-booster.
Had panels fitted about 14month ago cost £5000 .made about £1200 so far
Paid my energy bills gas\elec for 12month
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