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So this is why The Other Place has gone quiet!

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Finally cottoned on that you had all tiptoed away and left me with the Antara haters..........

My 184SE auto has its first birthday this week and has just had its first service. In 17000miles it has been completely reliable, nothing has broken and nothing has fallen off. It has proved ideal for my purpose and the whole family loves it.

I'll post longer reflections on the first year later but I just wanted to drop in and say "hi".

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Hi David welcome to the forum. Sorry if we run off and left you but we weren't allowed to broadcast we found another place to hangout but at least you have found us now.

Hopefully this forum has a wide range of views and opinons and not all of them are blinkered and pro Antara as suggested by some people. we just like to give an honest opinion of our Antaras unfortuantly some people who have had a bad experiance or have not done their homework before they went out and bought an Antara make it their life's ambition to endlessly complain and whinge about their Antara. And just because some of us say we have had no problems and we actually like the Antara then something must be wrong with us. But like me I think you know where the problem is and its not the Antara.

I will agree Vauxhall dealers well most of them and customer service are shocking and dont help the situation.
Hi David so glad you still like your Antara and have your own opinion on it, I still love mine and I don't think there is anything wrong with me for doing so, I have had no problems with it it's still reliable apart from this recall thing that is a little inconvenient, but at least vauxhall are on top of it.
Well one year old congratulations to your Antara it's great when the whole family love the car it's so easy to get them into it lol although in my house it depends who's driving.
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