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so far......

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Hi all,

I have had my new Antara 2.2SE Nav auto for 3 weeks and (unusually for me) covered 600 miles in that time, 90% motorway miles and here are my thoughts so far!

Reasonably comfortable ona long drive. I have driven to Birmingham twice from Bedfordshire, once to Peterborough, once to Bedford and once to St.Albans. Typically, it started its first regen just as I arrived in Birmingham, but it successfully completed it on the return journey. I didnt really know what to expect when a regen takes place,but it was a smooth and quiet and I wouldn't have known it was happening really if it wasn't for you guys... so thanks for that! It has so far averaged 35mpg on its First tank and a quarter, which I was fairly pleased with. Negatives..... not that impressed with the audio/nav system, it is OK, but a bit dated and could do with a capacitive screen rather than its resistive one, sound is fine, but browsing through a USB stick is a bit of a chore, especially when driving! I can also hear quitea lot ofwind noiseat speed, most of which I am convinced is generated by the roof aerial- other people I have had in the car say they cant hear it, but i can,and onceyou have heard something, you just tend to focus in on it!

Unfortunately it has now gained a smalldent in the bonnet! Some little urchins were playing football out the front of the house the other day with one of those small leather footballs, so I assume that is where it has come from. It is only very slight and I know I am being fussy, but I have a man coming tomorrow to sort it out. I know most people wouldn't bother as it is very slight and you have to be at the right angle to see it, but it is only 3 weeks old and I want it gone!!!
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Sorry to hear about the dent that happened to me with my MG ZT 1.8T when I got it in 2003 it was less than a week old parked it miles away from anybody in tesco car park only to come back and find a horrible dent in the driver side wing
( devastated ) I hope you told the wee urchines to bugger off
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