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Snowy Antara SE Nav

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Was late for work, not becuase I got stuck, it was because snow driving is fun in the Antara so I went the long way!!
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That's an old picture I hope. Nobody has snow just now do they?
Taken 11th March - surprsingly recent!!
That's not snow, that's icing sugar.

This is snow.

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Inchindown said:
That's not snow, that's icing sugar.

This is snow. feels like "groundhog day"

The other day I was speaking to someone about that very photograph and being lazy, I decided not to trawl through the forum to find it but instead I went to Google "Images" and entered "invergordon snowblower" and there you were.....Page 1

Not only that, your Antara is also on the same page but what those images have to do with snow is quite beyond me

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I think the Antara is ther because the word "Invergordon" appears on the same page as the images.

No snow up here today, but the snowploughs have been out to clear the sand from the sand storms we had in the last couple of days.
Is the Antara under the snow then?
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