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Smelling clutch

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Hi all
Hope you can help
I have a 2.2L 163 awd 6 speed manual antara
When I was reversing my caravan approx 20 feet on to a pitch the car started to smell , like clutch/hot brakes . which lingered with the car for nearly 2 days. this can't be right can it ?

I had and towed with a 09 plate 2.0 antara for 4 years and never had this .

Any ideas please?
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Hi, welcome to the forum. Did your engine speed up when you were reversing if so your clutch was slipping, if not it could be your brakes were binding.
I have had the same problem when reversing but put it down to newness of the clutch,i also had the same problem a few years ago with a Suzuki Grand Vitara on its first outing when I thought it was on fire it smelt that bad but it seemed to settle down after that,so I hope the Antara does the same.
Had the same with mine only 6000 on clock. Normally use the motor movers just to give them some use but last time out with the van I reversed it onto the pitch as we had another car behind us. It was on a shallow slop but did smell. I put it down to the revers gear ratio. It is good for doing 30 mph backwards but not good for pushing weight up hill.
When I revers it on the flat at home and keep moving I have had no problems with it.
Does anyone know what the gear ratio are on the manual box
We would of gone for the auto but the fuel economy was to low for normal use around town.
Reverse is very close ratio to 2nd forward gear you think about trying to move the caravan forward using 2nd it will warm the clutch up for sure, I had the same and just fitted a mover to the caravan to save the wear. But I think you would have to do it many many times to do harm..
Hi Murphy1thanks for the reply .
did not notice engine tone increasing

You mentioned the brakes dragging - certain it isn't happening on the car -could be that the auto reverse on the caravan not releasing the trailer brakes ??????????
But again did not recall excessive throttle to move the van backward
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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