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Skoda Superb

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OK I have the beast or Sophia to her friends :). Change from my high driving position since 2001 back into a semi ordinary car. Winter tyres fitted on Audi alloys and my bit of reunification as a Czech car towing a Slovakian caravan. At 5 metres long for car and 8 metres for caravan glad i had an old HGV licence :).
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Traitor be off with you!!!

Only kidding looks nice for a Skoda.
Hi Honey Monster,

Nice looking car especially the colour, Skoda have certainly changed their image and products since the 70s.

I intrigued you tow a large caravan at 8mtrs which is presumably heavy, my Coachman is 7+mts long and is 1600kg, nicely at 75% of the 2000kg Antara. What does the Skoda weigh and how does it match up to your Adria?

I keep my van at 1700 kg with a nose weight of 80 kg and car when laden with ourselves and holiday stuff around 2000 KG so smack on the 85%.

Did a test tow this weekend just past of 50 miles in the winds and lovely and stable and that was with car only at 1850 kg, but have alko atc and trailer stability on car and alko hitch. The van also helps long but also one of the new 2.45m wide ones so wider track helps stability as well.

Car has a max towing limit of 2000 kg and car max weight of 2199 kg allowing train weight of 4199 kg.

I always go by actual weights from weigh bridge, as lucky there is a weigh bridge free to use at the place i store my van.
I never worry too much about the 85% guide nice if you can get it but modern chassis and safety features help a lot.

Also being older i dont have to worry about the licence restrictions like my son has. He would have to sit another test to get B+E on his licence to tow this combo.

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Interesting and certainly worth a look at when and if I decide to change the Antara.

Nice looking and very wellequipped car.
Just dropping van back at storage site
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Nice outfit,looking forward to getting off in ours shortly.
Very nice car smart looking
Skoda superb is a decent car very very spacious everywhere well done their not cheap either
I've driven these more than a few times as works outing hire cars. By insisting on an auto they had to get me top end models. I've got the old bike/car/lorry licence too.

I do find these Skodas to be reverse-tardis bigger on the outside than they are within, I kept catching my elbow and shoulder on the door pillar b-post getting in and out: it's in completely the wrong place. I was myself driving basically a old MB E320T at the time which was much bigger inside and far more comfortable. One more reason for getting the Antara which is big and comfortable inside.

I did consider a Skoda, I went into their showroom and said, "I want to buy a new car, top end automatic estate for cash, what can you show me?" and they did not want to know. Couldn't even get off their arses. Another reason for nipping a hundred metres back up the road to Vauxhall.
0/10 must try harder.

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