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Well we have had our Antara six months now and can give a review on it over that time.

Model is Antara SE Nav 184 Auto

10,000 miles covered mainly due to moving house over 400 miles away so lots of journey back and forth getting all sorted and doing move.

Fuel economy reading an average 29.8mpg which i am happy with as a lot of the driving was with roofbox , trailer and caravan on back.

Found the ECO button on auto works best in town driving stop start traffic and slow moving and as soon as above 30mph i switch it off.

Tyre pressures i keep at ECO setting may not be to everyones taste but i find it ok. Had winter tyres on over winter months, so no problems at all with grip even in the snowy spells we had. Ordinary tyres find perfectly competent now and have pushed it hard on country lanes and no lack of grip and also towed van on some grassy fields no problem.

The initial misting up of windows stopped after a few weeks of use presume just from being cold on long sea journey.

13 pin electric removable towbar fitted by VX no problems with it charging battery or fridge to report here

Headlamps i had VX switch them to being Auto not pseudo DRL as if i want lights on in daytime there is an on position.

Faults one caused by VX doing the lights as came out with airbag warning light on which they fixed next day with a system reboot.

Spot of rust on tailgate behind chrome strip above second A in Antara photos sent by dealer to VX awaiting next steps

Noise at idle whilst in drive when stationary, just a rumbling noise more annoying, suspect engine cover so i may remove it see if noise goes then go back to dealer :).

Extras fitted are bootliner, sidesteps,window deflectors and have a spare wheel and jack.

So overall more than happy as the car does what it is designed for. Tows an 8 metre van at legal limits very solid and stable. Yes it could be improved but for the money think it is not a bad compromise at all.

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That sounds as if things have gone reasonably well over the first six months. The few things you have had problems with are the sort of things you get with any car.
That's a good MPG you're getting, considering the use you car has had. I'm only a little better than that, and I don't tow a van.

Hope it continues to please.
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