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silent indicators

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Hi Guys,
My antara indicators have fallen silent, The indicators flash and the lights in the dash flash,but they do it in silence,its not a fuse, any ideas ?.

regards martin.
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Not had this problem on the Antara and unsure how the system on the Antara works. But with having similar problems on other cars its usually the flasher unit failing. Unsure if the Antara uses this and if it does , where it is fitted, hopefully somewhere on the steering wheel. It could be a begger of a job if its under the dash.
Funny you should say that, if I'm going to make a manoeuvre in a car park I always put my Hazards on. When the parking sensors are on, the hazards go Quiet. Does this help?
No,they are on silent all of the time,but thanks for the replies all.
Had the opposite once the indicators audible sound went very loud ,
I did a reboot, switch off remove the key and operate the alarm system .
Then reverse the procedure,been great ever since
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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