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Side Steps for Sale

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Hi Everyone

I'm now selling my side steps, they're in perfect condition, I love them because they give the car more presence in my opinion but the best reason is to stop other drivers car doors hitting my car when parked.

I'm looking for £100 but due to the weight of them, it would probably be someone quite close to me who would want them.

If your interested let me know. Thanks Brian
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Hi Brian84,Is that Wishaw in Glasgow, Scotland you are located?? Are the side steps easy to attach?? What colour, make are they please. I live in Chester but have some good friends that live in Wishaw, Glasgow and I shall be meeting up to train with them the end of November, Im sure that if the steps would fit in their boot they would bring them for me.
I would have had them off you but too far unfortunately.
Hi Firstimer

Yeah I am in Wishaw, Glasgow but someone has already reserved them. Am really sorry, but if it dosent go ahead, if you want I'll drop you a message.

They are simple to attach, only six bolts each side which go straight into the chassis, they are chrome and have two rubber patches on them which line up with the doors.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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