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Side steps....AGAIN

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Hi all,
It has been a while, hope everyone is OK? Would like to get some side steps/bars, I have read through the previous threads and the consensus seems to be that JSG do the best for the money, however looking at their website they only have them listed for £1000!!! You can get Irmscher ones for significantly less! Any ideas? Have they stopped making the ones everyone seems to have purchased? Has anyone bought any very recently and if so, what did you buy and what do you think?

Thanks in advance for your help.


PS - I have a 2014 Antara
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Check fleabay they sell on there to
Bought some jsg off eBay 3months ago when bought new antara, paid less than £190, perfect fit and look spot on!! Had to cut notch out of one bracket due to auto handbrake, but was all in drawings supplied !!! Go for it!!
Would love to, but the only ones JSG have listed on eBayor their website are £999.99... and I am not paying that! perhaps I will contact them and see if they still sell them?
Phil S said:
Would love to, but the only ones JSG have listed on eBay or their website are £999.99... and I am not paying that! perhaps I will contact them and see if they still sell them?
That's a bit much ripoff
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141220144350 look at these on eBay think these look nicer than my jsg's!! If you look in cosmetics on here someone has fit them, they are the viper ones!!Edited by: Andrewberry
I have just been looking at the Viper ones, I must admit they do look pretty cool! I will contact them, it just says they fit ALL Antaras, which I am a little suspicious about. I dont want to be doing any cutting and drilling..... its not really my thing! They do look the business though!
I cut mine, I used a grinder because I have one but it's only an inch square out of 1 plate and the drawings they supply are spot on.Edited by: Andrewberry
Do you have exactly the same ones (viper)?
I have the jsg's, I hadn't seen the vipers until after mine were on, happy with them though! Just make sure whichever ones you go for have 3 brackets, my brother in law had steps with only 2 brackets and they bowed in the middle!
I have had a reply from JSG, they say the inflated price is because they are out of stock?????!!! They will go back to their normal price of £179.99 once more stock arrives at the end of the week.
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HiIts Rob here from JSG. Just wanted to clarify the inflated price situation within our website and on our Ebay store. The price is inflated when we are out of stock so that we can keep the sales total alive within the listings. If we remove the listings completely we would always start again with zero sales showing. Its common practice for shops who want to maintain their sales totals. At the inflated price we will obviously not make any sales and would not even attempt to make a sale at such a grossly inflated price. Definitely not chancing our arm
We have250 setsarriving this Friday and all listings are now current and showing the correct prices.
All the best
JSG Direct
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Hi Rob, Thanks for your explanation. As a retailer myself, I think you are risking sales by operating in this way. If I hadnt contacted you to find out what was going on, I may well have purchased elsewhere and you would have lost a sale. Why not list the items at the correct price and alter the delivery dates to avoid putting people off? (Not telling you how to do your job BTW!)
I should have said welcome to the forum! It is good to have a supplier on here,it'll begreat to be keptup to date with product developments and new products!
JSG thanks for your explanation, and welcome your explanation still confuses me though as it might send purchasers else ware, my husband bough a set from you in 2012, for his Captiva if I had seen inflated price's I would not visit the site again , from a purchaser' s point of view
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