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Thought I would share this little story might be interesting to some of you (or maybe not), I'm no boffin on the subject I must add..
Knowing a bit about DPF's before getting the Antara and not covering huge miles I decided from day 1 to run it on premium diesel, Shell V Power being easy to get was the first fill up and many after, reading all the bumf on V Power you constantly hear about Gas To Liquid technology, (GTL), my belief was this was used as a substitute for Bio Fuel content which makes up 5% of diesel fuel in the UK since 2010, (apparently legally it has to in support of environmental issues).
The benefits of GTL over Bio Fuel for me were 2 fold, it burns cleaner so less soot in the DPF and also if on a DPF Regen or interrupted Regen more importantly any fuel that gets into the oil it is normally the Bio content that can't evaporate under normal driving and eventually leads to oil dilution and an interim service we have the pleasure of paying for.
Happily knowing this I kept buying VPower until a few weeks ago when I had a bored moment and e mailed shell asking to confirm that GTL actually does replaced the Bio Content, the answer was...

"It depends on which refinery the diesel comes from, but all Shell Fuel conforms to the Relevant quality standards"..

So actually we have no idea if we are getting this fantastic miracle fuel with GTL technology and in fact could just be getting regular shell fuel with a few additives, these might help in keeping things clean but I really question how much benefit these have on a new engine in the real world.. Shell V Power might not be as good as the glossy leaflet.....
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