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Shall I?

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Hi all stumbled on the site by chance. I am considering buying a antara diamond edition AWD diesel but have read mixed reviews but would be grateful on any advice from existing owners ....... Really fancy one shall I.?
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Welcome to the forum.

Have a read of the forum for more information

If you can live with the mpg and your weekly journeys are not town driving then why not.

Be aware of the mpg and like any new diesel the diesel particle filter issues then go for it. Despite the reviews it is a very good car.
Thanks for replying .. I do mainly motorway driving and only weekends round town ..the brochure combined is 44.1mpg ..just having a read through the forum.....I have been looking at a brand new model they are nice......
I've had one for just couple of weeks and I'm well pleased with it, a good drive, I started on the AWD diamond but found that because my wife is a Unison member another 8% discount became available, so I went up a tad to the SE NAV..
If you can get one on an extended test drive so you can see the actual fuel economy for yourself. If you can cope with it not being what the brochure says, it may be the car for you. Reliability wise had ours since last december and apart from a false warning light early on has behaved well including a 2000 mile round trip to South of France and back.
I currently have BMW 3 series but really fancy a 4x4 and there seems to be some good deals going about for these models I fancy being safe this winter rather than been stranded in a rear wheel drive
Hi Rag2008 and welcome from me.My advice would be to go for the 163 saving £1,000 and spend half of that on a Thorney remap.
I would be looking at a manual not auto so hopefully mpg should be better I do a mixture of driving but daily motorway to work and back and then local at weekends I would be hoping around the 40 mpg am I dreaming ha
Thanks for being so welcoming everyone
Can I ask is it only the older models that have the Eco button ?...
Mine's a 13 and has an ECO button, I often switch it off as the start stop unnerves me, that said I am getting used to it slowly, it works well, it's just me..
I have a 2013 and I switch mine off as well, it's kind of a 'turn on switch off' routine now
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I have start/stop at the moment so I am used to the system..... It is nerve racking at first ha the mpg is a little concerning for me everything else I am happy with just need to prepare myself for how much diesel I will be putting in each week I do around 10000 miles per year so wonder how much that little lot will cost lol
Help what this regen business I have just been reading about that sounds scary....?...
That worried me too, but I must have had a couple by now and I really haven't noticed.
I have just been reading that people are making special journeys to reset system....... Never heard or had to do anything like that before...... Feeling concerned reassurance is needed ha
With the milage you do and type of journey regens shouldn't be a problem for you.

You should get high 30's maybe 40 depending on how you drive.

As the guys have said start stop came in at the end of last year/ the start of this year.

The best thing to do as suggested is try and arrange either via your dealer or Vauxhall themselves an extended test drive so you know what to expect. If you haven't driven an SUV before I would also have a drive of some of the competition the Kuga etc just so you can compare them. Owning an SUV is not to everyone's taste as you can see from reading the forum. Better to find out now before you part with your cash.

For such a big car it drives really well but it's no BMW saloon.Edited by: Grumps
Dilligaf said:
Hi Rag2008 and welcome from me.My advice would be to go for the 163 saving £1,000 and spend half of that on a Thorney remap.
But if you want more tourque the 184ps is better I have the SENAV auto 184 it has the Eco button but I do not notice much difference with it on or off, although there is a slight difference, I have had no problems with my car as yet I have only noticed one DPF in the five months of owning the car, it is a great car to drive very responsive, but diesel consumption is high at its best I get about 36/37 miles to gallon at its worst I get about 19 to 22 miles to gallon due to short runs school run etc remember this is an automatic , on the motorway it is as good as any othier car I think it is more of a motorway muncher handles great at speed, the room inside is good as I have two sons one is six foot the othier six foot three and they site in the back with comfort as there wee sister has shot gun at the front and she is five foot one
my husband is five foot eleven and finds the room good in the back as well as the front, the seats are very comfortable for long journeys, the boot is big and roomy for our Rottweiler, but as Grumps says try the competition out,
before you decide.
Forums are great they are for people that are looking for advice and also people that are having problems and some people that are just not happy no matter what and want to dissuade others through there own bias opinion.
My husband has the sister car which is the Captiva it has seven seats if you are looking for something bigger seat wise that car is also a great car to drive but if you look at that forum to people have their issues.
Good luck in deciding but remember get a good test drive not just once as it is hard to gage on one drive
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Rag2008 said:
I would be looking at a manual not auto so hopefully mpg should be better I do a mixture of driving but daily motorway to work and back and then local at weekends I would be hoping around the 40 mpg am I dreaming ha

No, you wouldn't be dreaming. 40mpg is achievable in a manual but at the very best you are going to have a regen every 500 miles (a tank full) & this alone will lower that figure considerably. The more you don't finish a regen, the more juice it sups. So be prepared to drive about willy nilly at some point every tank full.

Don't be scared, nothing major happens during a regen, it's just that the system injects massive amounts of fuel into the engine to increase exhaust gas temperature.

Apart from the DPF the car is fantaatic.
Thanks everyone this is a really good forum. I would be doing about 30 mins or so motorway driving daily and then just around town driving at weekends so hopefully this car should match my needs I think I may just go down to the vauxhall dealer today I have done a test drive last week and they are nice I used to have a rav 4 so comfortable in driving a bigger car its just this PDF thingy now will mention it to the dealer .... I think I'm ready to jump into the land of antara and a white model may be the one!
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