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Saying Hello!

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Hi - new to the forum having just purchased a 57 plate 2.0CDTI Auto SE Nav with 84K on the clock and FVSH.

Not had the chance to do much miles yet but love the car as does my wife who willing be doing most of the daily driving in it. Currently achieving approx 30mpg in mainly urban driving with my wife's light right foot - so not bad!

Purchased the car in the main for all year round towing ability for our caravan as we have now started to tour in the winter. My company vehicle Vauxhall Insignia 160bhp Ecoflex is a good towing vehicle averaging over 30mpg hitched up but I want the additional peace of mind of 4x4 should the weather get particularly bad.

First trip out with van will be at New Year so cant wait to see how it performs.

Keep you updated as time goes by.

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Hi and welcome the forum I have the same car as you but mines 2009 I had mine remapped and it makes a good diffrence in fuel and torque well worth doing happy towing
Hi and welcome,i bought my Antara for towing and its the best yet,had three Fronteras, a Suzuki Grand Vitara and three X Trails.
Hi amdram, welcome to the forum, I swapped a 160bhp Insignia sports tourer for a 163bhp Antara and I have towed twice upto present witha difference of about 6 to 8 mpg but the Antara has much better stability as you would expect. You will feel much safer and relaxed towing.
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