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Hi AllJust brought my second Antara 2.2 CDTI 16v Diamond would like to add the sat nav to it. buttold I couldn't buy it separate from the car is this true? if not what make and model can I get to fit and do I need to get it fitted by Vauxhall for the computer side of things.
Regards Chappy.
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All I have done is bought a Nav Mat put self adhesive Velcro on top of the dash put the Nav Mat on it and used my Tom Tom. No marks on the windscreen and it doesn't slide about.
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You can fit any double din sat nav or entertainment unit into your Antara and no you will be much cheaper going to a local auto electrician or even better get a mobile one to come to you. To be honest most dealers subcontract this type of work anyway.

Im also not a fan of the position of the sat nav screen given the choice a tom tom would be a better option with a cheaper head unit for music and bluetooth for your phone calls if thats needed.
I have the standard vauxhall sat nav and it is not to good . Very slow and not up to date with post codes . I have a tom tom camper / caravan not cheap but very good. I would have a good look at one before you buy .
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