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Sat Nav and Radio

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Haven't really used the sat nav very much, does anyone know how you turn the volume up?
I can hardly hear what she is saying.
Also can you have the sat nav on without the radio?

Had a quick look in the manual and couldn't really see anything obvious. Maybe I need to look in more detail but just thought I would ask on here.

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When the sat nav is in use and she is speaking use the volume control to turn it up. You can also go into the settings menu and do it from there.

You have to have the unit on so the only way to use the nav without the radio is just turn the radio down till it shows audio mute at the top of the screen
Thanks, I obviously need to have a play with the controls.I just assumed turning the volume control up, would also turn the radio volume up?
Unless there is another button hidden away somewhere I can't see.
Hi Johnny, are you also using the volume control on the steering wheel? It's the knob on the far right next to the up and down arrows. The Sat Nav voice volume control is in settings and you can pre-set to a particular volume. I find using the controls on the steering wheel alot easier than on the unit itself.Regards,
Hi johnny
Go into settings go to the sat nav setting there you will see volum for the voice, I have mine turned up right to the end so that it is higher than the radio when the voice comes on.
All the best
Thanks for the feedback everyone.

I have it sorted now, a few ways of doing it.

Have tried and noted down all 3 suggestions.


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