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Well when washing car other day noticed small bit of rust on tailgate starting behind the chrome trim with Antara written on it. This is appearing just above the second A in Antara.

So i popped car to garage to have a couple of things looked at.

Vibration noise,whilst at idle (Nothing they could find i suspect engine cover so going to take it off and see if that cures it then go back to them :) )

The rust which they wiped off and said see if it reappears they will then take pics to send to VX and see if it is the trim or behind it as i suspect.

Finally got round to getting headlamps switched off so they now work on auto as they should rather than being on all the time.

And car checked for the eng check light which i had come on a couple of months back, of which there has been no repeat. No fault indicated on computer as i suspected would be case.

However when car was returned jumped in following day and lo and behold a new problem. Airbag warning light on all the time. Back to garage left with them to be put back on computer. they reset its logic and all cured again.

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