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Reverse camera and parrot asteroid nav unit

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Just installed a reverse camera and parrot asteroid smart

What do u think

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I looked at this unit a few months ago and was told it was not compatible with the steering wheel controls. is this still the case or have they modified it
Works fine . You need a patch lead. Vauxhall sell this unit
yes its a 61 plate 2.2 cdti exclusive.

Installation is a fairly straightforward process.
Baza55 said:
yes its a 61 plate 2.2 cdti exclusive.Installation is a fairly straightforward process.

Sorry to bring up an old thread but now you have had the parrot for a while how is it? Did you buy from vx direct?

Do you not find it weird not having a physical turner for changing audio levels? How does the normal Radio operate?

Sorry just bought an Antara SE NAV and am already thinking the 5" screen will be too small
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I bought the unit from a company called dynamic sounds. You also need the fitting kit that consists of a facia plate and the plug and play wiring for the unit and steering wheel controls.

The unit is excellent and will only get better as new apps are added.

The volume can be controlled from the steering wheel as well as the touchscreen so there's really no issues with that.

The radio is tuned on installation and then when the radio app is selected you will see both normal tuner buttons and all of your pre programmed stations on small tabs along the bottom of the screen.

It's worth remembering this is effectively a small computer so can be updated and modified to suit your own personal needs.
hii got vauxhall to put in the zenec ze-ne524 6.1 lcd works via the steering great sat nav is fantastic parrot bluetooth vx fitted for me got a stonking deal off them all in 200 the unit it self is 999 through there mag but would love a reversing camera which one did you get and was fitting easy
regards jim

I bought the connects2 reverse camera. Fitting is simple enough although time consuming . Firstly you need to take a live feed from one of the reverse lights . Simple enough to do but running the wire from the light cluster to the tailgate requires removing lots of trim . You then have to remove more trim to wire from tailgate to head unit under the headliner and down the windscreen pillar behind the glovebox and Ito the unit . You will also need to hook the unit up to the reverse switch on the gear leaver .
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