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Hi All
Had my exclusive just 2 weeks now, love it apart from not having any Bluetooth connectivity for my phone. I was hoping I might have it as although mine is a 62 plate it's the AWDwith upgraded wheels, cruise control and both parking sensors.

I phoned the dealer and said can they swap the CD30 out for a CD40 (online research has shown CD30 doesn't have Bluetooth, CD40 does) but apparently that can't be done because "the wires might not all be there", I would have thought adding a wire or two might have been part of the fitting process. Obviously got all the steering wheel controls etc. There's two little black circles up by the interior lights / near the sunglasses holder so figured they are microphones? Seems everything is there except a Bluetooth module.

Can this be done or do I need to go aftermarket to something like a parrot system?

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