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Replacing cd30 mp3

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Just have my 2013 Diamond fwd3weeks no bc no Bluetooth but knew this before it was delivered so got money off dealer to fit my own. Have bought a Smart S100 series similar to kooleron in looks, but 2013 models have different canbus and this was the only reasonably priced unit I could find compatable???? Has anyone fitted one of these unitsas I have had to get another canbus sent to me as the first one would not even switchon only bleep when powered up
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hi teknys,

my 2013 Diamond is fitted with a cd40 system and has bc and bluetooth, I was informed that the cd30 system was on 2012 models and cd40 on 2013 so this was the quickest and easiesr way to ensure your 2013 was a 2013 model and not a 2013 that had been siting in a field for months.
Hi Dave Either it has been sitting in a field or vx at there old tricks of getting rid of old stock radio`s. Two different dealers have told me they don`t know what system is in them until they arrive, but as all the cd4o seems to have Bluetooth seems like the latter as withthe wife`s new limited addition corsathe dealer had looked at 4 cars on Vauxhall`s web before he got one with Bluetooth. Have the S100 system working now with all steering wheel controls and reversing cameraworking and able to go into vehicle settings from it. Just have to get cruise control working now!!
i have the cd40 installed in an antara exclusive 63 plate

should i have the RT in this unit ?
which i think is what displays the song currently being played on the radio i am sure it was working the first couple of weeks i had it (not 100% sure as i had that function in my 2 previous cars)

when i took the car into the dealer to get the cooling fan recall work done i asked for it to be checked

and on the worksheet i got back it said "checked radio and found option not selected in cd settings

please advise not all CDs have the info stored for this function
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hi allwould I be able to replace my cd30 with a cd40 or do I need to do other things
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