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Just had yet another Regen, happens at about 500 miles and lasts 30 miles or 40 mins, this morning1hr 40mins and 60 + miles.I'm hoping the car has a fault and having it looked at later, will update you all them.
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Well 500 odd miles seems to be the accepted norm for regen intervals. But 60+ miles/1h 40 mins sounds an awful long time for it to complete. Actually your "usual" of 30 miles/40 mins seems quite long.

Has it had any (many)aborted/partial regens (since the last one)meaning the DPF was more "bunged up" than might normally be expected ?
Hi no sort of regular at 500 miles but seems to take 30 miles.
My average regen is 521 miles and normally takes between 15 and 20 minutes.
That sounds a very long time Moe I have figured mine out at 500 miles plus and I think it completes after 15 20 min but to be honest I have never really noticed them until the car reached 10500 miles then I noticed the milage going down and the fan running, I have never really looked for them but hubby was driving at the time and he mentioned what was happening as his Captiva has never done what the Antara done about a week ago
Just had car in service dept. It needs an E. G. R. valve, should sort problem of long regen, only time will tell though. Will update after next regen.
Hello all, update on Regen, just completed in aprox 30 mins and 25 miles. Looks like the replacement EGR valve has been a succsses . Mpg went down from 39.8 to 38.2, very pleased with that.
Hey everyone,
Im getting antara quite soon, should I worry about DPF regen? cause the one I'm getting doesn't have bc so I wouldn't notice mpg change...
I have had an exclusive for 3 months now, had multiple regens but nothing to worry about! I've had BC activated by, £30. Just enjoy !!Edited by: Andrewberry
Must admit I'm not sure why there is such a big thing about regens. So you use a little more diesel for 20 minutes, or am I missing something?
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