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regen problem

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getting regens every 150 approx for last thousand miles any thoughts?
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It sounds like a sensor problem in the dpf or a fault on the engine making a lot of soot and clogging the filter.
im getting the same regens in the back ground every 150 miles or so when it used to be every 500 or so for the last 1200 miles antara has done 11,850 miles this cant be right can it ? even after a 600 mile round trip this week and a full regen and completedEdited by: kenny
51000 miles , does anyone know how to test pressure sensor or what reading it should give after a regen.
Hey Lewdon just up the road from me I am West Lothian don't no how to test these things but there's something wrong their, perhaps it clogged up somehow and needing a clean out how old is she
I am guessing you could get a reading with a good code reader. It is proble a in the garage job as they will be able to do a forced regen. You could have a go with a dpf cleaner in the fuel.
60 plate . put cleaner in about 800 mile ago oil change just after the 50 k mark with approved oil
Interesting this one as my car has just started these "regens" at around 150miles or so and only lasts a few minutes (and a few miles) as well as the normal regens every c520 miles. There have been no warning lights. I recently started to use a diesel additive that supposed to clean and assist with these things but I have not noticed anything different at all other than these these additional regens! The manual states that "regens will take place automatically under set driving conditions" and was wondering what these set driving conditions are. Is it to do with the recent high outside temperatures we have been having triggering a regen? I have just driven the car to Spain, fully laden, using tolls and other roads with a mixture of driving and speeds and will be here for the next 5 weeks so will see how we get on ....and others with the same issue. Apart from this the car has performed brilliantly and returning around 33/34mpg with a 163bhp auto SE 2013.
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funny that used forte last year no problems used a different additive just after oil change when two weeks later getting this problem .
Have you car been in the dealers? Mine did 2 weeks ago and mine started a regen yesterday about 200 mile after last one. Did not go in for regen problems but wonder if they changed software . My new ford van regens a lot more than the antara and are over in a few miles the workshop Forman at ford told me they will do this to keep it clean and make it easier to complete as not ever one drive 20 miles all the time.
My last two have only taken about 6 miles.
It makes sense what ford are doing
Mine is going in for a service in September so keep up dating how yours are going here and I will have a chat with them when mine goes in.
I have never used a dpf cleaner but always use miller ecomax as it gives a good clean burn with higher octane level so makes less soot. It makes the car better on pick up from low revs and less rattle on a cold start.
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forte getting bought today as we are going on holiday to the lakes so 150 mile run we will see what happens . it done a regen last night sat in car to let it finish 250 miles after last one .
I am not a stupid person and have been around cars for a long time but I am totally confused about this regen stuff.

My last car was a diesel Insignia and did not seem to have this problem.

Can someone explain to me in simple terms the following please?

How do I know when this happens or is about to happen?
What do I have to do?
Can it be prevented?

Any help would be appreciated,I was told with the Insignia to drive it in third gear above 3000 revs for a few minutes every month but did not like over revving the engine, is it then same with the Antara?

The fan has been staying on in the hot weather but the garage told me that this was normal......Edited by: vauxhallbitz
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.1/ you can't guess when it's about to happen , but when it starts it's cycle your fuel consumption at tick over will read 0.6-0.7 gals/hour also when you throttle off instead go going to 999 it will read lower probably about the 130mpg area . During this time if it is a background regen there will be no warning light on the dashboard. It will only bring a warning light if it fails to complete its cycle on numerous occasions

.2/ you need to keep the revs over 2000 until it completes it's cycle usually a 20 mile run at 70 mph in 5th gear will suffice . If when you stop the car and switch the engine off and the fan continues to run it means the cycle isn't complete and will likely start again on next drive out

.3/ it cannot be prevented unless you have the filter removed and the software rewritten , however this is now checked as part of the MOT so it's unadviseable
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Not that it helps the conversation but I have noticed the same, used to regen every 500 miles give or take, I set the trip to give me an idea but the last 2 have been around the 250 miles mark, I put it down to only using the car for short runs thinking the ECU might use number of starts etc to calculate when but not sure now, off to York with the caravan tomorrow so a good 150 miles run towing should clean it out and we see what happens, I bet a regen as I pull up in York ..😀Edited by: SJG
Vauxhallbitz, in reply to your questions:- 1 when it happens your instantmpg will drop. 2 keep your revs to approximately 2000 and drive until your instant mpg goes back to normal. 3 No you can't prevent it.I find once a regen has started it is easier just to carry on until it has completed and you will use less fuel. Whereas if you interrupt it you have to go through it all again once it restarts. Some just wait until the regen light comes on and then it has to be done.

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Car started doing the same after 1st service, regens every 230 miles - in and out of dealers, finally diagnosed as needing a new catalytic converter. First regen after new part fitted was 450 but had an awful burning and sulphur smell.

Not been on for a while, as the car gets older I get less impressed with it and will be looking to move it on.
Less impressed ?, how old is the car, interesting to hear your points, see what awaits me...
For me to many problems starting to appear (rusting paintwork, flaking alloys, engine management, exhaust/DPF and hand brake issues to name a few) and spending to much time at the dealers who always don't have any hire cars available.

On the plus side my dealing with VX customer services have been excellent they have gone out of the way to get things resolved by the dealer.
Thanks for all the replies but I am still confused, why does this happen so often with the Antara?

What are the possible consequences if you miss it and continue driving as normal?

Sorry to be a pest but I am now very concerned that I might have bought a potentially problematic car!!!Edited by: vauxhallbitz
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