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Rear windscreen washer

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Hi Guys,

Anyone know were the rear windscreen washer is piped through the Antara?

Getting a noise as if its spraying behind the dashboard and there is evidence of it leaking into the front passengers footwell.

Just want to know if there are any easy checks before putting it into vauxhall as it does seem to be spraying behind the dashboard somewhere

thanks in advance
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will update after Tuesday as booked in to resolve the issue?

Appears as if Vauxhall are aware of the issue as the service manager knew exactly what I was talking about when attempting to describe the issue.

Also, after reading just about every article available, seems to be that the high pressure screen washers are prone to blowing their 'T' connectors. (One of which is directly behind the three blowers on the dashboard)
Very interesting. Thanks for pointing this out. Hope it all gets sorted..
In Vauxhalla for 2.5 hours this afternoon to diagnose the water leek.

Back in on Thursday as they have diagnosed that they need to take the Dashboard apart and check above the air bag, as this is were the water is comming from!!!!

I could have told them that, but they insisted on inspecting it themselves. charging 2 hours labour and car booked in for the day this comming Thursday to fix the fault.

Will update after Thursday to inform of what the fault actually is!!!
I removed the front jets and thought at the time it would be very easy for the pipe to come loose and leak into the car.
Thanks for the input Grumps, but if you hold the rear wash on you can see water running down the front pillar in the passengers foot well.

Have been able to follow the water pipes to the bulk head from the water tank, but refused to tug them in case I made the situation worse.

All being well, it will be resolved on Thursday and I will post Vauxhalls diagnosis and suggestions on how it has occurred.

My Antara is a '58 and has 30,000 on the clock, so although 5 years old has done nothing on the mileage front
Vauxhall Diagnosis:

Blocked pipe from the 'T' junction behind the dash to the jets at the rear of the car. Filters in place at bottom of washer resevoir and no evidence of heavy deposits and no suggestion of how it got blocked. They replaced the 'T' junction due to splitting and informed me they pressure cleared the pipe!!!

I know I am the second owner of this car and it could have been mis used prior to me receiving it, but they could not recommend how to prevent the pipe from blocking in the future as the filters were clean and doing their job

Was suprised that they used compressed air to clear the pipe after dismantling the rear high level light and washer jets.

Fixed now, but took 3 hours of labour to resolve

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Hmm, just bought a '58 SE Nav and guess what, no water to the back window.
Honest John of the Daily Telegraph suggests to a Honda owner:
"Get a hosepipe, shove it into the bottom of the washer reservoir, hold
it there and get someone else to switch on the tap. That will blast out
the scum through the top of the reservoir. Alternatively, buy some
Milton baby bottle sterilising fluid from Boots and use that to kill the
bacteria. If all that fails, it might be that your washer pipes are
trapped and kinked in the bonnet hinge."

Another suggestion I have seen is to use compressed air (e.g. a cycle pump?) to blow back through the jet in the reverse direction to dislodge any fragments of debris.
This is a known issue,wherby the pipe comes off the T junction,but VX deals will not recognise it and will charge 1/2 hr labour (not too bad but not great)
Does this include the back window? It's fine on the front ones.
Yes. My rear washers stopped working,but I couldn't gain access to the pipe. VX dealer charged me £46.
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