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Rear thud / Fuel sender unit

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I have a thud coming from the rear passenger side of my car as I'm accelerating and the car jolts. It usually happens coming out of a corner in second gear but sometimes in first. I wandered if anybody else had experienced the fault and what causes it.Also, could somebody tell me how to get to the fuel tank sender unit as mine has an intermittent fault.

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Hi,Did you ever find out how to access the fuel sender unit? I've developed a fault in mine.

I haven't repaired my unit yet but I've been told the fuel sender units are under the rear seats and on top of the fuel tank. The seats unclip and fold forward and then you'll see the sender units on top of the fuel tank.Thanks Rob
Before you start pulling things apart, make sure the thud isn't coming from one of the rear seatbelts knocking against the bodywork.
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