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Rear Mud flap issue

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I tow a caravan with my Antara and although it has the Original mud flap, it is useless. Due to the veh ride height i only have to go through one puddle and the caravan front is sprayed with crap! I was thinking i need to be able to extend the rear mud flap length and possibly width. ideally a slip on/off solution just for when i tow the caravan.

Anyone any ideas?

Thanks in advance

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Hi, I know what you mean.I purchased a new caravan this year and wanted to keep it looking good, so I purchased a front breathable cover. it can stay in place when travelling and has a flap at the bottom to allow front locker access. best thing I ever did. Keeps the sunlight from damaging the GRP panel as well.
I wondered about buying a front cover but wondered if it might rub the windows as they soon mark,

These front covers fit into the awning rail so only fit vans with awning rails on both sides of the van.
My Ankara did not have any mud flaps at all so I am fitting much bigger ones on the rear
The caravan front cover is a great idea but rather expensive!!.. i am going to try purchasing these:

i will try to attach to the existing OEM rear mudflaps.
Had my dealer fit a set of mud flaps to our Antara, could have saved the £100 though no difference to the driver and passenger sill, still gets filthy although trousers and skirts seem to help keep it clean more than the new mudflaps.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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