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Rear bumper

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Hi all
Does anyone know where I can get a rear bumper for my 2007 antara as the wife decided to reverse into a metal pole earlier this week, I'm in the Basildon area


BSL ;)
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Not sure on 2007, my 2013 needs one and the black plastic trim part is £410 plus vat this was quoted by a vauxhall dealer and a local independent motor factor supplier.

I was originally quoted 12 weeks lead time from korea but this has been halfed.
Guys you can pickup a bumper on eBay.


Have a search their are others.Edited by: Grumps
Cheers guys, seen that one on eBay, asked about it a while ago, heavily scratched, it's a breakers so his gonna keep his eye out for other one, and JR £410 is a joke mate, I know garages that would do it cheaper
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Yep that's what I thought for a bit of plastic, but as the insurance is paying for it I don't really care. The price I was quoted was by a VX dealer, independent body shop and through a parts supplier for a genuine VX part.

One point to note I was told by 2 body shops that the black plastic bits never look right if you have them repaired and painted using the acrylic repair system, it's something to do with the moulds used at the factory and not being able to get the exact pattern match. Most Korean cars appear to use this method as a way of keeping costs down in the finishing process.
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