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Ready for long run :)

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Well in just over a week the Antara will be doing a good long haul.From the east coast Scottish border down to the Med on the French Spanish border. Have worked out rough fuel bill approx £600 for the round trip lugging van. But taking time 200 miles per day and a rest each night then a fortnight down there.

Car getting ready spare in boot, got my breathalysers, Hi Viz jackets, warning triangles and all other gubbins they say to carry lol.

Looking forward to bridge at Millau as when was last there they hadn't built that and was drop into valley and crawl up mountain.

Pics will follow but have a good time all.
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Hi HoneyMonster,Sounds as though the Antara is going to get a good workout over the next few weeks. You appear to have thought of everything with your list of accessories hopefully you will not need any of them. Like you ours is about to be packed for a similar journey to the Pyrenees, Spanish side first and then over in to France. We however are taking the easy way with a ferry to Santander and then back from Bilbao, but I envy you your drive/tow over the bridge at Millau. I watched the documentary a few years back about its construction it looks stunning although I must admit I don't have a head for heights.
Have a safe trip and post some photos when you return
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Hi Iain

Good luck with the trip. Remember and post back and let us know how it went and dont forget the pictures to make us all jealous..
Lots of long trips coming up!

Drive safely guys and please share your experiences
Have a great holiday and drive safe, i wish i could do all that, have a great and safe time
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Have a good trip Honey monster let us know how the towing experience goes
Ok I am back :) run for cover.

Towing with Antara over 2000 miles and 1700kg of van returned an average of 21 mpg. Stability all good for a long van 8m in length and 2.5 wide.

Self leveling suspension did its job. I increased nose weight from 75Kg to 85 and this made it lovely to tow got rid of wiggle when sprinter van dashing past 2mm from you.

Antara on french diesel was returning 34mpg by itself better than i get here average temp around 30 degrees.

on the beach fantastic 4wd works brilliant towed two german out of soft sand when they tried to go where antara went in fwd cars :).

So overall very happy excellent tow car for all its niggles and quirks.
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