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re gen

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I've had an orange light on the dashboard for a week now which means a re gen is needed tried all the usual things blast down the m1 revs between 2500 and 3000 no luck. So I booked into vauxhall they done a re gen on there machine they said it's now at 0% 3 hours later and the re gen light returns
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It's hard to be sure about this, but there have been others who have had similar problems and it turned out to be one of the pressure sensors that monitors the DPF system that was faulty.
Prior to the light coming on, were you ever awarethat one of the automatic regens was taking place. You should have seen changes to your average MPG, your idling speed Gals per Hour and your coasting MPG.

You normally only get a light on after several auto regens have not been completed. You first get a steady light warning you about the filter beginning to fill up and then you get a flashing light telling you the filter is almost full.

In any case. you should get it back to the dealer as soon as possible.
Hi Lee, if your dealer has cleared the DPF then I would suspect a pressure switch on the DPF has failed. Your dealer will be able to tell the fault code if the light is permanently on. You could possibly do it yourself if you have a OBD 2 reader, but Iam unsure if the Antara system will give the regen system faults codes on it. My last car, Rav4 had lots of regen problems but I could read the fault codes. Have you disconnected the battery? Sometimes permanent hard faults do not reset when a system has been fixed, maybe worth a go before you spend more of your hard earned cash. Good luck
Had the same issue with mine , background regen wouldn't complete resulting in regen light on dashboard staying lit . Dropped it off at garage who hooked it up to diagnostic machine . They reckon it's the EGR valve that's stuck , I'm waiting for a new one to be delivered but after reading up it could be the cause ? I'm a bit disappointed car is 2 1/2 years old with 20,000 miles on it . I have done 5,000 miles in the 6 months I have owned it . I certainly don't do much round town driving but vauxhall seem quick to put it as the cause of many DPF issues. I only have 6 months warranty left & feel I may be taking a chance by holding on to it much longer . Maybe it's time to get rid, shame as it's a nice car to drive but poor emission system is giving me doubts .
Hi all

Just completed a280 mile trip to cornwall motorway all the way and returned 39 mpg just as I got to my destination I noticed a drop in mpg and at idle was returning .9 gal/hour
And the car was running really hot
Have just driven 20 miles in 2nd and 3rd gear to help regen but no luck
Do I keep driving like this or contact dealer
Car has done 7800 miles and usually clears a self regen within afew miles
Normally 20miles should clear it out . Unfortunately the regen cycle appears to have started right at the end of your trip. It doesn't have any level of intelligence attached to it . If you don't complete the cycle it will restart it next time out. It's frustrating when it does a regen at the end of a long trip , as if you haven't had a long enough drive ! I wouldn't bother contacting the dealer unless the regen light comes on
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