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Racechip settings

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Just fitted my racechip to my 163 exclusive. Came with standard setting of D9. Has anyone altered their settings and to what improvements. Antara feels much smoother and a bit more responsive but time will tell on mpg as that's what I want the biggest improvement on.
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Hi Griffin are you sure your setting is D9. Which box do you have the basic racechip?.

I have a 163 and basic box but the factory preset or it was 2 years ago when I bought it was 9C.

The preset should be printed on your invoice.

Basically you are only supposed to adjust the left hand dial which for me was set to 9. after a bit of trial and error I found that 4 clicks was the best compromise between torque and power.

One thing to point out on the dial it goes from 1-9 and then A-I i think. So for me the next click after 9 was A then B so my box is now set to D,C instead of 9,C.
Hi Grumps. Definitely set as 9D. Checked on my invoice. It's the basic box I have too. Will try your settings and see what difference it makes but won't get much long running until the weekend.
Hi grumps. Been playing around with the settings on the racechip. I'm now at 1D. What an improvement. Huge difference in torque and performance without effecting mpg. Well happy with it. Thanks for your help.
I have one for sale if anyone is interested, of my 57 plate 2.0 CDTi SE...
Glad you like your racechip and yes it does make a big difference adjusting it.
Do these things not effect your engine eventually
From a pure engineering point of view, ultimately yes.

However Car manufacturers set cars at a compromise setting, to allow a hopefully long period before failures. Often it is something similar to these used when models have same engines and one kicks out 163bhp and another 184.

Manufacturers also set vehicles to run anywhere in world, allowing for poorer quality fuels and oils. So the amount of adjustment these do, unless you went for a full monster race chip, shouldn't have to much of a detrimental effect over the lifetime you keep a vehicle.
Do you have one
Nope as war pension vehicle so no mods. But on previous diesels i used to manually tune fuel pump similar to what modern electrics do.
HoneyMonster said:
Nope as war pension vehicle so no mods. But on previous diesels i used to manually tune fuel pump similar to what modern electrics do.
My husband used to tune our older cars with this thing that he would connect to the engine,I wonder if that was something similar, he also said that he would not add anything like a chip to our cars to invalidate the warranty's it's not worth it
If it's not broken then you don't have to fix it that's what he said about it
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