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Race Chip For SALE

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Hi All

I recently bought a race chip for my 2007 plate Antara as advised by a few members and yes this make a nice difference to both the drive and fuel economy.

We are looking at Part Exing the Antara so my 4 week old chip is for sale, cost £130.00 new any offers around £80.00 considered

Grab yourself a bargain, comes with instructions and test socket, and only takes 10 mins tops to fit.

Email me on [email protected]


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What model antara is it off and what sort of difference did it make
Its on my 2.0 CDTi SE, if you speak to anyone who has one fitted they do make a difference, better torque, faster acceleration through the gears, and better MPG, around town we are now showing 24 to 26 MPG and on a run at 70mph 34 to 36 mpg
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Still for sale now a BARGAIN
£75.00 only used for 6 weeks in mint condition !!!
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