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putting on spring assisters

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Hello all I have a bit of a dilema with reference to towing. I have looked at getting spring assister's for my car which is 4x4 as the caravan I will be towing in a few weeks is a bit of a beast, twin axle, 1600 MTPLM.
My question is I know my car has automatic suspension but would adding the spring assisters affect this? Or if they would be needed at all? I had them on my last car which wasn't a Vauxhall and they worked a treat. The Item I was looking at was Grayston high quality coil spring assister/raiser GE14 for size 26-38mm.

Need help asap as I need to get them ordered before I go on my first holiday (in 14 years), in a few weeks. Much appreciate the help.
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Technically I wouldn't use them, the weight of the Caravan is not really that relevant you can only apply the max nose weight to the tow ball, this max nose weight is factored into the Antara's self levelling rear struts, they say it can retain up to nearly 90% of normal ride height fully loaded without any assistance, it will level out over a short period of driving.
Adding something into the spring will stiffen the ride and possibly impact on this levelling.
So my humble advise for what it's worth is check the nose weight, bang the caravan on and get on your way..
Welcome to the forum, as SJG says don't bother with them, as long as you don't exceed the nose weight the suspension will level itself after a short distance.
Thanks for the advice I'll take it on board. Bring on the start of August, now all I have to do is get it kitted up and booked into the local tow bridge. First time towing with this car so should be an enjoyable experience. thanks very much for taking time out to reply much appreciate it. Regards
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Welcome to the forum.

As the guys have said dont bother with the assisters it will be fine.

Enjoy your holiday.
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