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Problems engaging first gear

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Guys. I have a manual 2013 Antara and I sometimes find it difficult to engage into first gear, especially when stopped at a traffic light. It does not happen all the time, but does happen a few times. Has anyone else experienced the same problem?
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I think its just the Vx gearbox as I had it on my last Vx which was a zafira!
read some of the online reviews. it is well known that first gear can be a pig to get it into and I have the same issue, at least once per journey, on my '58 ant!!!
Thanks. I thought my car was the only one with "special needs"!
Does it happen when its cold or just any time.

One other thing to check is the car mats its known for them to get in the way of the clutch peddle and stop it going all the way down.

Worth a check
Had similar issue with my car. In the morning, or after the car had been stationary for a while, the first gear was difficult.I reported to my service center, they examined and told me that is a normal issue, since the oil in the gearbox is still not at operational temp, and nothing to be worried about. Same issue is reported from other Astra, Insignia users.
Also normal behaviour, if the car is not stationary, but moves even with low speed, the 1st gear should be difficult to engage.
First will engage when cold, but not as smooth as it should be. Fine when it's warmed up.
Linkage is crap just like the Nissan then
Well to me it happens even when the engine is warm. It is the case when stationary at traffic lights. I have found a solution though. If I engage 2nd gear and from second try to engage 1st it does work!
Hi having the same problem engaging 1st gear in my 2012 antara, it's as though the clutch is out of adjustment put it right down to the floor and its a real struggle to force it in. It's nothing to do with the gearbox oil being Cold as I drove from the New Forest to London on Saturday and on the way back I had the problem half a dozen times, embarrassing at quick changing traffic lights. I've had the local vauxhall dealer look at it and they said there's nothing wrong, it's going in for its 2nd service next month so I've asked them to look at it again.
It's the linkage it's crap like Nissan auto is best lol
Cant say I had a problem with my Nisssans gearbox,i had three X Trails and they were a lot smoother than my Antara but I new the Antaras was a bit notchy and understand that is quite normal.i don't find it a problem though.
Thanks Guys. Look like i'll just have to get used to it
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