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Phone charger

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Good afternoon,Really hoping someone can help me.

Ive got an 11 plate Antara SE 2.2 4x4 diesel. Love it and had for 6 months now. The problem is that is came with a phone charger in the centre console where the cup holder should be. Got vauxhall to order me a new one (which took 3 months from Korea!). Finally arrived but now am told it won't fit! They reckon the charger is standard fit and to put a cup holder in will require the entire centre console being changed!

All I want is a cup holder, I don't want or need a phone charger.
Does anyone have the same issue? I appreciate it sounds pedantic but I would not have actually bought the car I had been told this at the time of purchase (which was from the same dealer).

I was told, "no problem….that will just pop out and can be replaced by a cup holder".

Many thanks
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Cant see why it cant be done. All they need to do is order a new one.

You might be quicker looking on ebay their are a few appearing to be broken up write offs etc.

I have the same problem 11 plate Se model with phone charger. Unfortunately I was told the whole thing would need changing also. It is really annoying not having something as simple as a cup holder. But unless your in the back seat there is nowhere to a drink in the Antara. Do you know the price it would cost to do it by any chance?
Hi Craigy,
Glad to know I'm not alone and have resorted to the same solution of having to put drinks in the back! I'm kind of resigned to not sorting it out now. I'm sure it would not be cheap and whilst I do enjoy the Antara there is no way I would invest having this does as I'm guessing it would not be cheap. Probably not a great return on investment!

It is interesting owning a Antara as it's my first 4wd. Are quite a few things that are really odd about it as I had an insignia prior to this and there are a few things the older insignia had that the Antara does not.
E.g. No temp gauge, crap economical 6th gear, daylight full beam lights, no dab radio. Saying that, the positive do outweigh the negatives at the moment. Am glad I bought it and am still enjoying it...... It just could and perhaps should be a bit better.

Thanks again for the post!Edited by: DJCA
It is odd, you have to buy a specific cradle for your mobile, they are not cheap and if your like me and keep changing your phone each year, it can get silly expensive! I have tried to ignore the cradle being there but i see it each time i apply the handbrake lol. My phone connects to the car via blutooth every time i get in the car without me having to remove it from my pocket, that is far more convenient.
I had the phone charger in the Antara when I purchased it and had it replaced. The new "cup holder" was the entire centre piece of the central unit coming down from the arm rest to the bottom. Mine had to be ordered to but was available in a couple of days. If you look at the central unit you will see the piece in the middle the can be removed and replaced unscrewing at the top under the arm rest.
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