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Well as my time with my Antara will soon be coming to a close, i thought i would give my own personal views on Antara and the forum.

A brief history to set the scene, I believe that GM had missed the boat when it came to the rise in popularity of SUVs. Therefore they had to find something to fill the gap They looked at there companys and Daewoo which had acquired 4wd technology from when it owned SsangYong for a brief period had a compact suv in the pipeline hence the Antara was born.

The new engine designed for the mild facelift Antara was not designed to be a Euro 5 Compliant engine, therefore they cobbled together a system to make it comply ( this is my personal view with 30 years engineering design and maintenance experience to back it up). This system as we know is not the best one out there, but other manufacturers are also having problems so it is not unique in that respect.

Onto the car itself In the short time i have had it one year, it has covered 16,000 miles through snow, sand and towing a caravan for a few thousand at near its all up max weight.

It has not let me down in this time, in fact it has towed people out of stuck situations a couple of times. Its only visits to the dealers where for getting the headlamps put to proper auto setting and a bit of rust on tailgate where plastic trim had rubbed.

In Fact my only criticism of the vehicle is the dpf system and this is well documented elsewhere so no need for another thread on that :).

So overall i believe it has been a car that does what it says on the tin and for the spec would have had to spend a few k more to get an equivalent VW Tiguan.

I believe the Mk3 Antara will be a completely different beast, as more like the Mokka will be designed from the ground up

Onto the forum some have been saying it is bereft of technical aspects. That may well be down to it is still a fairly new vehicle and most of the people have lifetime warranty, so they dont need to tinker with it.
I was head admin of another marque 4x4 forum before i stepped down, so my admiration goes to admin and moderators for what is quite often a thankless task and is like herding cats. On that forum the vehicles had been around a few years and as they started going out of warranty the technical expertise and data started appearing. So keep at it it will happen here as well i have no doubt.

All the best and Happy Motoring
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