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Perry's Service and Faults

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Just had the second service from Perry's in Bury and got the report.Service costs £28.00 per month.
Our car is a 2012 SENAV auto.
Last year we had the service and had done 5k miles, on the report itstates brakes are new and tyres are at 5mm 46% worn.
This yearthe car is on 11k miles, brakes are at 50% worn and tyres are at 6mm 31% worn, the door hinges and closures havnt been greased,we have no paperwork to say what has been done in the service andnothing to say how much money has come off the service plan, all we have is the book stamped to say its been done by them.

We have the issue with the centre speaker grill popping up, have a guess what.....
its not guarenteed due to it is over 12 months old, they are saying that anything on the inside of the car is not guarenteed after 12 months and this is on the inside.

we also have problems with the paint on the frontbumper, this has been there since new and they keep ignoring me over it.

Gonna call in tomorrow and have it out with them....
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Another first class dealer and aftersales.
Well here's the updates to my issues....
Phoned vauxhall customer service and told them about the center speaker cover, their reply was if it is due to bad parts or fitting then it is guaranteed, but if it's due to wear and tear then it is not, we may need it to go to a vauxhall dealer to have pictures taken.....
That sounds fair....
Decided to go back to perrys and complain to the manager, this is what has happened.
Told him about the promised free service, he knew nothing about it, but he looked into it and said a letter will be written and sent to me later today confirming the free service. Showed him the two reports of the tires and brakes and he confirmed the abnormalities and will arrange for the car to be brought in and another full inspection done under his supervision and the original service engineers disciplined for falsifying a major document that is part of vauxhalls warranty. Regarding the popping up of the center speaker cover, he took pictures of it and said it looks as though it is a warranty issue and will contact vauxhall over it.
He has now supplied me with all the paperwork for the services and costs, the cost of this years service was a total of £256.... He also said, the only time they grease parts of the car is when the customer complains about squeaking noises, I'm not in agreement with this but hey oh I can't have everything....
As for the paint issues on the front bumper still no joy....
I'll keep you updated
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Well missed a phone call from perrys saying that the part has come in to sort the centre speaker issue and need to arrange a date to bring it in, I phoned them back and they said they know nothing about it, but they will phone back in half hour....
Guess what, 2 days later and no phone call.

As for the front bumper bad paint job, it's past the 12 month guarantee point, I said it was reported within two months of having the car, they said that it had to be done within the first 12 months of having the car... Let's see about that.....
here's an updated for last week, spoke to vauxhall customer service and perrys are taking the car in on Monday for one week, in that time the front bumper is being painted, center speaker grill is being replaced and a proper check over is being done with tyre and brake wear logged, also getting a curtesy car in it's place.
Well here we are again...
Wife went and picked up the curtesy car and dropped off the antara, it was a vauxhall Adam...
It was minging, crisp wrappers in the door cards, sandwich boxes on the passenger floor, empty can and coke bottle in the center and crumbs and dirt everywhere....
She wasn't shown around the car, they walked halfway to the car and said it's there...
The car was never checked for dents and scratches, there was no fuel in it and the fuel light was flashing, I said to the girl on the phone "the back light is smashed" her reply was "we always check them" my reply was "so you knew about the mess inside" her reply was "the cleaner is on holiday"....
I think this has gone too far now....
Sounds as though you are having a rough time. Mine goes to Grimshaws in Eccles, they are not perfect especially after they were bought out by Pentagon but from what you are saying I have a better experience there. Mine is going in tomorrow to have a set of new alloys fitted as the old (2 years) ones are showing slight corrosion around the centre caps, give them their due they contacted vx and arranged the swap.
Perhaps when you are sorted it might be worth trying somewhere else next time.
Just sent a complaint to perrys head office, let's see how long it takes to get a reply.
We are going to have to take the curtesy car for a valet tomorrow it's that bad, I'm sure there's a code of conduct about supplying a car without fuel and in bad condition somewhere.
I don't know about cleanliness but as far as I know they only have to put enough fuel in to get you to the nearest filling station, just make sure it goes back as empty! Edited by: Andrewberry
I wouldn't mind a 1L corsa just as long as it was clean, just goes to show that perrys is as they say, fur coat no knickers....
At least perrys of bury are getting mentioned on here....
Just had an email from Perry's, this is what it says...

Good Evening Mr Cooper,

I have looked into your complaint and I have to say that I am extremely disappointed that we have let you down in this way.
The Courtesy car was booked in for a valet on Friday and was then not to have been used over the weekend. Having spoken to the valeter he says he did not clean the car as he could not find the Keys.
This information was not relayed back to the service department and I have had strong words with him regarding your complaint and the fact that a car was given out in this state. However if the Service Advisor had done her job correctly this would have been spotted before your wife collected the car. The lady concerned is leaving us tomorrow, but I will ensure that until we get a replacement I will find another member of staff to check the cars on a daily basis to ensure this does not happen again. I will also make sure as part of the check that there is some fuel in the car.
I am more than happy to pay for the valet and of course the fuel your wife put in the car, if you would let me have the receipt on the vehicles return.
I believe your car is over in the Bodyshop at Burnley, once the work is finished I will make sure your car has a full valet and I will get it delivered back to you to save you any inconvenience.
Please send your wife my apologies, we have made some changes to our processes, as a result of your e-mail and I hope that this situation will never happen again.

Yours sincerely

Gill Ashton
General Manager

My reply....

Dear Gill

Thank you for your prompt response, I'm sorry to have made such a fuss, but it did not seem like we were getting anywhere with the quality of service we were receiving.
We did speak to your service manager approximately two weeks ago and found him to be very polite and professional, and did resolve all the issues we were having at that time.
My wife will take the car for a small valet which should cost very little, as for the fuel, thank you for offering to pay but we believe in paying for the fuel we ourselves use.
We still believe that your branch can offer the quality of service that we first experienced when we bought our car, it was because of that service we also helped our son buy his first brand new car from yourselves and will continue to use your services in the future.
I am the first to admit that we all have improvements to make throughout our businesses and sometimes some things do get forgotten, I do understand that sometimes things go wrong and I appreciate your honesty you have given.

Regards Paul
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Another correspondence:-

Good Afternoon Mr Cooper,

We are expecting your car back from Burnley before close of play today.
I need to make sure the car has been valeted, providing everything is ok, would it be convenient to drop the car off before lunch tomorrow for you?


Gill Ashton
Went to pick the car up Saturday and guess what, still not right.
They've only done half the bumper, so still got issues on the other side, the paint they have done has got the rippling effect of a cold paint job and also has a 3 inch scratch on it

I must admit though that the bad paint is due to the Burnley branch and not the bury branch.
Sent an email with pictures to the manager.
But on the brighter side at least the center speaker grill is staying down
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Here's another reply....

Hi Mr Cooper,

I am sorry to hear that the paintwork was not completed as requested. I will contact Paul and arrange another appointment to have this rectified.
Once I know when they can do the work it may be a good idea for me to meet you, to make sure I know what work is required, so that everything gets done this time.

I will speak to Paul and come back to you with some dates.

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