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Pairing bluetooth and iphone 5

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My iphone and the cars bluetooth don't seem to want to play nice.

The car finds my iphone but the phone doesn't say car hf unit but asks for the code.I have tried the code 1234 from the book but pairing keeps failing.

Anyone had similar issues and find a solution.
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After reading other threads I tried code 0000 when it came up uhp on the iphone and now all working.
It took me several go's to get my Samsung paired, too. Not sure what worked in the end, but it did! Persevere!
My windows phone was fine works all the time but the only problem at times not all the time is that the voice recognition does not pick up all the time with me but does with husband sitting in the passenger seat it's I funny because it also happens with my iPad
Could be the accent then,are you both from the same area.???
Diamond Dave said:
Could be the accent then,are you both from the same area.???
No I am from Glasgow originally although I was brought up in Australia until I was 8 years old I have a broader accent than hubby he is from Airdrie he has a softer accent to mine.
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Accents and electronics don't always mix, ours also works sometimes but if the other half or I act daft and pretend to be someone from abroad it won't recognize the speaker.
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