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Just got the op com stuff how the hell do you install it or work it ,,, any help welcome
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I'm sure you need a windows xp laptop for a start.

Then you connect the box to the car and then to your laptop.
Hi Sean,
Just noticed this user comment on Amazon,

There are 5 file/folders plus the read me file.
the .exe file
the drivers folder
the huge video guide
a folder with specific manuals in .pdf, (may be needed)
A small video with install instructions. USE IT!.

First disable your antivirus and firewall.
Copy 5 folders to pc desktop.
The video guides folder is huge, over half a Gb and very blurry. You can do without it, if you can get as far as running the software and talking to the interface then you are clever enough go ahead without this guide.
But DO watch the small video. Go carefully. The drivers file is used by the program during installation but when you load the drivers yourself you will load them from "program files" as explained.
Double click the .exe and follow the short video.

It would imply that all is revealed in the video guide.

Good Luck
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you might have to turn off driver signature, it will load no prob, even on window7
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