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What's the best to get op-com or the tech thing for getting the BC working on the ant
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Will it work on a 12 plate? have read it only works on up to a 2010.
i have a 2013
worked for mealthough iv now done away with it because iv had a zenec 524 fitted sat nav ect
and it was effecting my steering wheel controls but with a normal head unit should be no problem
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Thanks for that, I've someone who can do it but it's getting time to take it in but I might try myself to save money, I'm just a bit worried I remap all my electrics.
Hiya did you ever manage to sort the bc control as I have also upgraded my radio and when you update the setting via opcom the steering wheel looses it capabilities for column tuning etc for my clarion sat nav unit

Mayby the latest software availed on will work but it is not comparable with my opcom which I found out was a clone after purchasing it from eBay

With regards

helloSwanseaospreyIbought a OP-COMV1.45from EBAY,Can i use thesoftware(OP-COM-Professional-131223c_EN)to 2013 antara?
Can open the "Speed Dependent Locking"function?
Thank you
hi, no op-com wont work on 2013 model, the software version latest only covers up to 2010
soz just read your full messg, the software version wont work it is the official vaux-com and is mega bucks £700and the china clone 1.45 will not work with it, you can try but you will find it wont be able to find the interface
Thank you gmzx
I try toconnect to myantara,The usb drivers is ok.alwayssuggest"please connect your interface to the usbport,or install the usb driver"bothOP-COMRevisionA/B/C/D,What should I do,can
connectto myantarathank you!
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load the software that you shld have got with your interface, 08-2010 is the latest china version.
08-2010 can be connectedsuccessfully,but 08-2010 software can't find information to2013ANTARA!

Only to wait forChineseversionupdate

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correct, that's why it dosnt work, on newer models, best bet is find sumone with either tech2 or gm mdi that's the only way, nothing else will work
You can access the management system but when you switch over to the astray setting ma to enable the display mpg etc the stereo stops working. The problem I have is that the head unit was changed from the standard vauxhall unit to the vauxhall recommended clarion unit. So the choice is steering wheel functions and no centre display for mpg other on the Astra settings or the steering wheel operational for the use of the clarion with no mpg display, it is limited to click date function.
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