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One Year Of Ownership

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I've owned my white antara exclusive for one year now and I'm very happy. The antara is well put together with fit and finish fairly good. DPF. Who cares. Never had any issues with it. Just drive it like a normal car and let it do it's thing. Averaging 35mpg with mixed running. I'm happy with that but I know it could be better. Been very impressed with the engine since I've added my race chip. Time will tell on MPG. 2nd gear can be a bit notchy until the box warms up but you get used to it. Only problem I've had is leaking rear washer hose which was sorted under warranty. The antara suits our family needs as it has plenty of room and comfort. Driving position is excellent and very comfortable on longer journeys. I would recommend an Antara to other drivers but like every other car it has it's good points and bad points but overall I'm happy over my 1st year of ownership
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A true and honest review, as like you my Antara suites my needs as it makes going in and out easer due to the hight and electric chair, plus I have one big dog to fit in the boot, and it is a comfortable drive, I don't have a chip in my 184 but it excellerates pretty well for it size and weight plus the auto/ manual gear box is really good I think I average from 18 to 25 but it is a lot more when doing long journeys as the most I got out her was 35 miles to gallon, she will be a year old on the 9 May 2014 and to be honest I am as happy with her as I was on day one, the DPF does it's thing but I don't let it take away the enjoyment of driving The White Charger lol
So all and all yip I am still a very happy owner
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