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Hello all , Picked up my antara which as a Q car supposedly was serviced and oil and filter changed . At the time i did not check engine oil dip stick to check if oil was clean . But i did after 80 miles and was surprised that oil was already discoloured . I checked with garage and they are say oil and filter were changed ,but i am not sure . Garage foreman said it does discolour quicker on antaras . Does anyone have similar experience on oil colouring ?
Cheers ,
dutch .
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Diesel engine oil does go black very quickly. Also a lot of garages suck the oil out to save draining it. This leaves a small amount of old oil in the sumpthat discolours the new oil. This shouldn't adversely effect the new oil due to dilution.
If it is dark brown rather than jet black, then I would suggest it has been changed.

Agree with above you can even leave it drain for an hour and there is enough residue left to turn your new oil dark as soon as you turn the car over. No impact on the oil just doesn't make you feel good when you see that dark stuff instead of the golden that comes out the bottle...
Hello all,
O.k thanks for replies and info on the oil change. I did tackal the service manager about it and he more or less says the same as you.I was just abit uneasy about it. But in all fairness I have never had cause to complain about service in the past .My previous car a diesel vectra didn't discolour for a couple of weeks , hence my concern.
Thanks again.
Hi Dutch, picked mine up today,exactaly the same it was discoloured at the garage before the journey home ,assured that the network q oil,filter change had been done,and checks carried outreally pleased with the car
drives really well
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Maybe more garages are sucking the old oil out instead of draining it to save time/cost. It saves taking off all the under tray etc. This will leave more residue from the old oil.
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