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Oil Pump, Engine Vibration Damper Balance Unit

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I have an inquiry about th A22DM / Z22D1 engine which has the oil pump integrated with the Engine Vibration Balance Unit.

Recently, my car broke down and had to replace the crankshaft, rings, valves and other mechanical parts. When it was already assembled and started, I could heard knock sound somewhere piston 1 or 2. The fuel rail pressure was somewhere 4 - 5,000 PSI, but the oil pressure to the turbo charger was weak and it can be held by my fingers with ease. The OIL light came up also

Based on the service manual, when installing the Balance Unit, the Piston 1 should be in TDC of combustion stroke then setting it with the dial gauge to zero backlash intake to exhaust then push it at 1.1mm to the intake side.

My question is this, if the balance unit is not set correctly according to the manual, would this affect the oil pressure of the engine? If not what could have cause the low pressure on the engine?
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Wow. I'm afraid I cannot help you but I would like to wish you a warm welcome. How refreshing to read some real technicalstuff instead of the drivel that is so prevalent on here.
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