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Oil level

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Checked the oil over weekend on my 2011/12 Antara. Oil level is just over max which I think has been caused by dpf regens. Anybody recommend that oil should be changed now?? As service and oil was done in Jan 2013. Oil light did come on after service, but was reset a few days later. If oil change is due, any brand recommendations and viscosity??

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I always use Castrol,but check its the C3 grade for VX.

5/30 fully synthetic. You can also get a discount from Total, see thread on home page

but only 4L with Castrol
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Any ideas what make of oil they fill the Antara with in the factory
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I go into the Jaguar Landrover factory in Halewood where they make the freelander2 and evoque and they use Castrol in all products
U could go to the dealer and try and get trade club prices to get gm oil, I got oil, filter and sump o ring for just over £40 for genuine gm parts
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