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Oil filter Housing

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Does anyone know where the oil filter is located on the 2.2ltr Diesel engine?

Gonna change the oil myself as 1st service is due and not gonna pay £300+ for oil n filter change when I can do it myself with genuine parts for less than £100 and gonna show receipts n see if I can still get my warranty reactivated!
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Ok answered my own question by searching the web for the captiva engine and found this YouTube video
And so the oil filter is under the black engine cover
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I'd check the warranty first. Really annoying as it's a bit like blackmail.
Same as the 4x4 service, was quoted as around £250 more than the fwd model. £250 to check the transfer box oil? I cant image the rear diff will need looked at sooner than every 5 or 10 years.

Should be an interesting conversation when they explain what has to be done in the first service as they couldn't tell me what wasincluded for either service. Not too reassuring when you need to point out to the salesman that it wont need spark plugs in a service because IT'S A DIESEL!!
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