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It worked on my 2012 SE.

The car was serviced 6-7 weeks and about 1500 miles ago and the oil quality light came on this week!!! WTF I thought so on the phone to the dealer to be told that it sometimes happens after a service just pop in and they will reset it so I thought nah can't be bothered taking it on a 30mile round trip to the dealers so I tried the pedal trick and it worked.

I opened the door got in closed the door turned the ignition on but not started then pressed the accelerator 3 times each time holding it in for a second or two. On the 3rd and last press I held the pedal in and after a second or two the light went out so job done.

Now all I need to worry about is did the dealer actually change the oil !!! Or maybe they used cheap oil!!! I guess only time will tell if it comes back on.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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