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North East Scotland

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Do any members live in the North East of Scotland? I live in Wick, we only moved here a month ago, and it would be nice to know if there are other people up here who are also Antara fans.

Our car is a dark grey Antara 4x4 on a 61 reg, so if you see us, then give a toot and wave.


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I think you win the prize for being the member living furthest north. Inchindown is probably your nearest member and a few others living in the Inverness Elgin area.
Hi Ian, elcome to the forum. As grumps said I think you are the furthest north. Iam about 140 mile south of you in Elgin, although we do venture up north in the summer, John- o -groats etc
Hi Ian,
I'm down near Invergordon.

I've only been to Wick twice in the past 18 years, and that was just driving through to get to somewhere else.

I think there used to be someone living on either Orkney or Shetland, although I'm not sure if that was on the other Antara forum.
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And further down in the central belt
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