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Hi, just joined site, makes interesting reading. I have a couple of tales to tell regarding my Antara which I will post shortly. These are regarding the towbar and an annoying tapping on rear on rough roads. Look forward to conversing with you all. Regards
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Hi and welcome.
Welcome and look forward to hearing your faults and hopefully fixes.
Welcome and happy driving
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Welcome to the forum,what model and year is your Antara???
Hi all, thanks for the welcome. Antara was new last July, 2.2, 2 wheel drive in Placid Grey. Love the car just had problem with drivers seat base which dealer dragged on for months, due to them damaging panels, and an annoying rattle in rear which I cured myself as I have lost all faith in the dealer I bought from.
Who was your dealer we bought our Captiva at Pentigon Barnsley they seemed ok
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