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hi there, I am a new 63 plate antara owner, i have a diamond white non- 4 wheel drive 2.2tdi

I LOVE this car. I had a bit of a fright with the DPF filter about 2 weeks after I got it, when driving along and the whole car covered in blue smoke and smelt of burning but all been ok now.

I do feel however it needs bigger wheels 17"'s are just too small for a car this size!! so my plan is to get 18/19's at some point. I would also like to get the spoiler for the roof and the side runners to help the kids get in/out

I love the space and the car drives beautifully xx
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Hi and welcome,i think the Antara is a great car and ideal for towing my caravan.
Hi and welcome to the forum
Hello and welcome. I have the 19" wheels and think they look great, but I believe that the tyres are slightly more expensive.
Welcome to the forum.

Another lady on the forum and from Scotland as well.

You have the best colour of Antara and they do look good with side steps and spoiler but I would say that because I have them already. Well the steps are not fitted just now but once the better weather gets here I will get them back on.

I did have some pictures in the gallery section but I have changed my photobucket account so they have disappeared but should be back when I get time to sort it out.
White is a lovely ( women's )colour for the car your right their Grumps
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