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Never had a Vauxhall before but decided to change my Ford Kuga "caravan tug" for the Antara , so far i'm impressed although maybe not quite as good mph ,but "nice car".
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Welcome to the forum, which model have you got and do you mean mpg not mph ??
Welcome to the forum, I have had my antara 5 months now and love it to bits.
yes sorry ,I ment mpg not mph .I have the 2.2 Antara 163 awd with satnav etc .
Hi and welcome to the club, I have had many vauxhalls and i swapped my 10 reg astra last november for the antara because i needed something more practical. I love it to bits but the mpg takes the shine off it a little which is a shame.
Hi new to this just wanting to see if anyone has sames problems as me lol
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