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Hi, new to forum and havn't purchased antara yet.Please can anyone tell me a good dealer in the North west (Manchester) that I can buy with confinence.
I have had a bad experience with Evans Halshaw.
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Hi welcome to the forum dont know about a dealer in the north but have alook round to buy private if not buying a new one better price private take a mechanic with you or have a check done by RAC or AA at a little cost hope you get a nice one
Another place to consider is the following link for ex motability stock, often low mileage and full service history.
Welcome to the forum.

Hopefully someone nearer to Manchester can help you out with a dealer
Theres JCT 600in Bradford or Dews in Halifax,both Vauxhall dealers and about 45 mins from Manchester.
Hi just recently bought 57 plate diesel auto and for peace of mind had it serviced at Pentagon Oldham and was very impressed by the standard of service and the 25% discount I received on the total bill. Probably a little dearer than not using main dealer but hopefully know its right now.

They have a good selection of new and used Antaras on site

Thanks gents. I've spotted a new antara 2.2 diesel Exclusive for £15,477. I need a reliable car, as I need it for work, covering approx. 20,000/year. I have a mondeo (163) with a gearbox problem and "Ticking" in the engine that the dealers would not acknowledge. I need something that will tow my caravan and this looks just the ticket, with a lifetime warranty,
Those are two of the reasons I bought mine,the warranty and for towing and also for its looks.
Don't buy from Wilson's in Bolton, unless you want to be ripped off that is, also the after sales service is non existence, tried there first for mine and spotted all the extras added that they didn't tell me about, like a £1000 for some wax on the car.
I went to Perry's in bury, really got them to give me a great deal and the after sales is spot on....Edited by: Pondpaul
Hi Chris

Had my 2012 SE for almost 18 months now. Bought it from Grimshaws in Eccles, family run firm excellent salesman called Mike Fildes.

Can only speak as I found, the saga of my spare wheel or lack of is documented elsewhere on here, suffice to say they provided me with a new vx wheel and tyre FOC. I don't expect that they would do this for everyone as cost almost £1000, but I was very happy.

Hope this helps

Grimshaw's have a good reputation , I bought from Wilson's in Bolton I wouldn't buy from them again. Salesman promised a spare wheel in the deal then tried charging £250 for it . I fell for the special wax treatment but as Olympic White has a lacquer topcoat I doubt it really needed it . Wilson's have a habit of selling ex europcar vehicles through their network Q scheme , not so bad if your made aware at time of purchase and the price is right, but naughty if they don't tell you & then send out the log book after their 28 day exchange scheme ends and to top it all you've paid top price for the privilege !
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